The body bare

The Ocean. Gentle and mysterious giver of life. Mighty and fierce bringer of death. It’s these opposite or contrary forces that are in fact interconnected and complementary. Light and dark. Embracing and acknowledging the less desirable or ‘inferior’ aspects of human nature allow us to live rich, meaningful and authentic lives. It is the graceful dance of these inconsistencies whose steps we dedicate ourselves to learning, all the way back where one's life begins - in the womb. And furthermore, the way we enter the world: naked, vulnerable and innocent...

With the weaving and clashing of metaphors, I present to you "The Body Bare". A series which embraces the hues of authenticity via femininity and nakedness, and the water's symbolic ebb and flow, through the thought-provoking palette of photography. Each photograph attempts to surface the fear of fragility. Bare skin emerging from a body of water – canvasing a reflection of Mother Nature, and sculpting a refuge for surrender: a place where vulnerability enfolds.

The concept of the naked truth and the unveiling of our mask. The illumination of the female form against the shadows of the ocean. It is a contrast that facilitates the imagery of the conflict that arises from authenticity: we are often resistant to embrace our flaws, despite knowing the empowerment that this acceptance brings. This body of work embraces imperfection using light and shadow to accentuate the honesty of the female form. I undress the idealistic notion of beauty and reveal the naked landscape of each woman: a symbolism of embracing the truths of our skin.

It is my intention to employ the ocean to reflect the dualities associated with vulnerability. Firstly, the photography draws on the historic representation of birth through the purity of water: the womb bringing forth the embodiment of innocence and fragility. On the other hand, the immersion of the female form is used to exemplify the totality of death and the burial of our old selves. In contrasting the female form with the ocean I reflect the water’s representation of conflicting notions: freedom and enslavement. The photography depicts the sink or swim wrestle for serenity from the anchor of worldly expectations. Furthermore, the ocean seeks to mimic the masquerade of humanity: a shimmering surface that beneath is a mystery.

These images are a dedication to the strong, brave women in my life. The women who are courageous enough to be vulnerable, with each photograph titled as a tribute to the women themselves. For them, I bring to light every bruise, every scar, every vein and every lump and bump on the skin so they can be seen, not as marks of imperfection but as trophies of strength and endurance. A map on the skin to what is inside each of them.